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Dave Paquette

Software Developer | Trainer | Speaker | Author | Nice Guy

About Me

How This Works

Little Boxes of Time

Don't fight for days with a problem that's hemming you in. Let's talk and work through it. You can hire me in blocks of time to help work through the hard stuff, augment your team through crunch time, or provide live, online training to key team members as you transition to a new project.

Step 1 -

Give me some details about you, your company and your project. Select how many hours you'd like to hire me for.

Step 2 -

Submit your payment. I'll get back to you within 2 business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00-17:00 Mountain Time) to arrange for our session.

Step 3 -

We work together to tackle issues that you're trying to get past. Implicit NDA. No commitments or contracts. No sales people unless you want them!

Hire Me

Any good relationship starts with a great introduction, and that's where I'd like to begin. Just enter a few short details about you, your team and the project you're tackling and we'll be working together in no time.

You and your Company

Please tell me a little bit about you and the company from which you're inquiring.

Your Project

Let me know where you're looking for some help.

Please describe the project, industry and dev stack you are building with. Highlight any current challenges and libraries you may be using so that I can be best prepared.

Requested Hours

Not sure where to start? Read my primer on choosing an appropriate amount of hours.